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Ojiichan wa 25 Sai [Eng Subs] (ep 8 of 8) End

Here it is the first episode of Ojiichan wa 25 Sai  as promised. Reason for subbing this hmmm...isn’t Daito Shunsuke a good reason enough to sub this? And Fujiwara Tatsuya is playing his Grandfather??? Yeah It’s a must watch. And if someone is watching Ouran Koukou Host Club (the drama) they might have fallen in love with Kyoya Sempai (acted by Daito Shunsuke)
I have converted the first episode to MP4 for those who can’t play Real Video File on their computer. The original video is from here:

The raw file for all episodes can be found at ismara86 livejournal.
For the direct link go here: Episodes

The drama is very funny and good. Hope everyone enjoys it.
Episode 1 subs:

Episode 2 subs: Mediafire

Episode 3 subs: Mediafire

Episode 4 subs: Mediafire

Episode 5 subs: Mediafire

Episode 6 subs: Mediafire

Episode 7 subs: Mediafire

Episode 8 subs: Mediafire

Note: I can’t find the Japanese subs for the next episodes If someone knows where I can find them please let me know. I am not sure if I will continue subbing this drama if I can’t find the Japanese sub because I am just too lazy to do all the timing and yeah please let me know.

Edit: Found them..sorry

Here is the link for Episode 1: Episode 1

Some simple rules to follow:
  • Don't stream or post on any other site and don't take the credits out!
  • If you want to use to sub in other language make sure to credit and ask for permission first.
  • Comment if download

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