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Madonna Verde Eng sub 1-6 Complete

Madonna Verde

Here it is my first ever project. I was watching this drama and waiting for somone to sub it but no one subbed it and the 6th episode already aired so I decided to take up the project. I am not Japanes nor have I ever learned Japanese properly so there might be a few mistake since I learned and subbed by listening only. Let me know how you found the sub after watching and also don't forget to say Thank you It will encourage me to keep subbing anyway enjoy

Kaido published “Madonna Verde” in 2008 as a sequel to “Gene Waltz,” continuing the story around the controversial issue of surrogate pregnancy in Japan. Kuninaka plays the doctor Rie Sonezaki, known as the “Cool Witch” by her colleagues in the obstetrics department. The character was previously played by Miho Kanno (33) in the movie version of “Gene Waltz.” In “Madonna Verde,” Rie and her husband (played by comedian Jin Katagiri) want to have a child, but Rie lost her uterus due to an earlier illness. She decides to ask her own mother Midori (Matsuzaka) to be the surrogate mother, and the three of them proceed with their plan in secret. However, a man named Maruyama (Kyozo Nagatsuka), who is in love with Midori, finds out about their plan. Later, a professor at Rie’s university hospital (Hirotaro Honda) receives an accusatory letter, and Midori and Rie are desperately forced to pretend that the child in Midori’s womb is her own. --Tokyograph

Here is the link:

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Softsub:      Episode 1     mediafire

                    Episode 2      mediafire

At last I am done with episode 3 it is really hard subbing this because of all the doctor terms they use
so it takes longer than normally anyway enjoy...only 3 more episodes to go...yay.


Episode 3      mediafire  

Sorry everyone I put the wrong link's ok now I have changed it to the srt link
Sorry again *~*  

Episode 4 is done after much delay enjoy:

                   Episode 4         Mediafire

The next episode is done:

                  Episode 5             Mediafire 

The finale episdoe of Madonna Verde sorry that it took me so long and hope you enjoy it^^

                  Episode 6            Mediafire

The raw file can be found here

Some simple rules to follow:
  • Don't stream or post on any other site and don't take the credits out!
  • If you want to use to sub in other language make sure to credit and ask for permission first.
  • Comment if download

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