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Making progress...

Since I am free from all my essays I decided to go back to my drawing of Arashi...I have only painted it black yet^^
But I am feeling happy because it looks nice...
Also beside it I decided to draw Cherry Blossoms, since it is the season of Cherry Blossoms in Japan and I don't have any where I live...
Also my urge to make it somehow relate to Arashi...I thought about Hana Arashi and decided to write:

"Arashi no Hana"

Don't know if it makes sense or not but I like it....

Does anyone remember Arashi's single Ashita no Kioku? It is one of my favourite songs and I like the drawing of the tree Ohno paints in the PV...

My version^^ I drew it red becasue our Living room theme is is it?

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